Monday, April 5, 2010


The market on 1st of April open within one of the suggested forecasts but the movement or the direction did not move accordingly.

If you look at the market last week, there were signs that the market may go further up but if you look at the last Friday's performance, the market gave a sign that the open interest has decreased quite subtantially. It indicates that the market may be in the position of falling down. The question; which is which now?
If you ask me, I would say I don't know. It may depend on where the market will open today.


1) If the market opens between 2564 to 2569. Buy after the market has moved up passing the levels between 2574 to 2579.
2) If the market opens between 2550 to 2556. Sell after the market has decreased passing down the levels between 2540 to 2545.
3) If the market opens between 2536 to 2545. Sell after the market has moved up a bit and then falls 5 points below the opening level. If the market manages to pass the levels between 2530 to 2535, the market may fall furthur down.
4) If the market opens other than the above, it is your call...
5) Also refer to my posting dated 11th January, see #6

That's about it.

Have a nice trading day, guys...


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