Sunday, April 27, 2008

Monday Forecast

Sunday - 27 April 2008
12.55 p.m. - Malaysian Time
10.05 a.m. ( Monday - 28 March 2008 ) - updated

The CPO futures for July's contract on last Friday open at 3440 and closed at 3419. The highest was at 3445 and the lowest was at 3388. Since the market open not within the level which I have forecasted, then it is better for me not to evaluate on the matter. Even though the urge to enter the market is so strong, sometimes we have to forego the intention because the opening of the market is not within our forecasted analysis. It is better not to make money on a particulr day rather than losing some of it without proper analysis of the market. It means that the self deciplain is very important here.

Tomorrow ( Monday )

So what is for on Monday? In a very short term, I would prefer to say the market is still bearish but again the direction of the market would probably depend on the opening of the day;

1) If the market opens between the level 3390 to 3418 , the market is expected to move further down. Look for trendlines such as 2 tops / head and shoulder etc..before putting a sell but if the market moves up and beats up the level between 3434 to 3440 the market may go up further and a white bar could be formed at the end of the day or at least the market would go up higher before retraces down.As a day trader, liquidate your position a while after seeing profits. If , after opening, the market moves up in a fast and steep gradient and then beats the level which I have mentioned just now, be careful it could be a false alarm.Look for a second attempt.Use lightning strategy before putting a long position.

2) If the market opens between 3390 to 3384 and later moves down beating the level 3380 to 3385 , the market may retrace down and at a certain level may bounce back. If it moves in a fast and steep gradient, be careful it could be a false alarm, try on a second attemp. Look for 2 bottoms here before you long. The best is to use lightning strategy or "beat the last previous high ". Here you could probably wait a while ( after the market has moved up ) before liquidating your position.Any way, just be extra careful if the market manages to beat the level between 34 70 to 3479, it could also lead to a further down. if you are not sure what to follow, just stay away.

3) If the market opens below 3360, it is your call

4) If the market opens between the level 3430 to 3445 and then moves up beating the level between 3445 to 3450 , the market may go up further and a white bar could be formed today ( also refer #1 as above ). If after opening here, the market retraces down 5 to 10 points and later moves up beating 3 points above the opening point, just buy here!

5) If the market opens above 3454 and above , it is your call.

Well, that is my forecast for tomorrow. I may be wrongs and I have been wrongs.....( sound familiar, isn't it? )

Have a nice trading day