Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Running Out Of Luck ?

Wednesday - 18th March 2009
8.45 a.m . - Malaysian Time

Sorry for not being able to analyse my forecast on last market performance on Wednesday dated 11th March. This was because I encountered with some internet technical problems with my service provider. In fact on 12 and 13th of March I was left stranded and not able to access my internet service at all. This is what technology is all about. If it fails, there is nothing you can do. You can simply just look at the sky and blink your eyes.

Enough of this nonsense, let's us talk about dollar and sense now. If you look at the chart, the market may look like establishing another sidelines unless today's market ends a black bar and lower than yesterday's bar.
My forecast for today;
1) If the market opens between 1918 to 1940. Sell after the market has passed down the levels between 1908 to 1913.
2) If the market opens between 1903 to 1913. Sell after the market has moved up a bit and then falls 5 points below the opening level. The market may fall further if the levels between 1892 to 1897 are breached.
3) If the market opens between 1945 to 1948. Buy after the market has moved up passing the levels between 1953 to 1960.
4) If the market opens between 1953 to 1962. Buy after the market has retraced a bit and then moves up 5 points above the opening level.
5) If the market opens other than the above. I don't know, it is your call, don't ask me, my luck is running out!!!!!
6) Please refer to # 6 ( posting dated 12th January 2009 )

Ok, that's about it. If you are not sure, just contact your dealer.

Have a nice trading day!!