Tuesday, April 1, 2008

White Bar This Time?

Tuesday - 1 April 2008
9.40 a.m. - Malaysian Time

The market open at 3430 and closed at 3395. The highest was at 3490 and the lowest was at 3390. A different of 100 points.
Since I did not make any forecasting for a few days back, I prefer not to make any comment.


For the last 3 days the market have been filled with the black bars, do you think the market today will be a white one ? It could be yes or could be no, it depends on where the market opens today and the direction of the market immediately after opening and also the minimum points of it's retracement or going up. Those who have been following my blog , probably may have some ideas on how to go about forecasting the market today.

Today's trading is a real day not April Fool's !

So have a nice trading !