Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Wednesday's Where About

Wednesday - 9 March 2008
12.45 a.m. - Malaysian Time

2 days back, I posted my forecast to my blog and it got through. Anyway you are only able to view my latest blog if you are using Firefox Browser. If you are using Microsoft Internet Browser, you may not be able to view the blog. I just wonder why ( Y?)

The market yesterday open at 3340 and closed at 3375. The highest was at 3397 and the lowest was at 3340. The range per day has reduced to less than 100 points per day for the past 4 days. For small investors, may be this is the moment they have been waiting for because it is not just being the range but also the spread which is also small.


To those persons out there ( if there is any) who still like to "listen" to my forecast, here is my analysis for today's market;

1) In very short term, the market is still in bullish scenerio but if today's market passes down the level between 3348 to 3354, the market may fall further but may also rebound back. But if it passes down further the level 3335 to 3340, the market may retrace further down. A black bar may be formed today.

2) If the market, after opening especially if the market opens almost to the highest of yesterday's , passes the level between the 3397 to 3402, the market may go up further and may fall back. Look for 2 or 3 tops before shorting.

Yesterday's market was said to be in the indecision situation.

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