Tuesday, October 27, 2009

CPO : Still Moving South?

The CPO ( Crude Palm Oil ) futures for January contract open at 2235 and closed at 2218 yesterday. The highest was at 2235 and the lowest was at 2205. The market ended lower with a black bar.

The market open at 2235 ( see the graph enclosed ) and immediately dropped down passing the levels between 2217 to 2222 that was at 2220. Anyway the market stablised at 2220 to 2224 for a while before moving up to settle at 2225 before lunch.

The market open at 2229 in the afternoon, shot up a bit and then fell down to the lowest of the day at 2205 and finally closed at 2218. If you look at my forecast yesterday, see #1, and had placed a sell position between 2217 to 2220, you could have been able to make profits of between 10 to 15 points if you decided to dispose the position in the afternoon ( Well, I think you had no choice here because if you were to dispose before lunch, you could have ended up poorer by a few points )

That's about it, Mike.

Have a nice trading day everybody


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