Friday, September 18, 2009

CPO: Am I Running Out Of Luck?

The CPO futures' market for November contract ( actually it should be the December contract ) on 16th September was open not within the forecasted levels. So, as usual, there should be no comment on the matter.

The setback of using this "Opening Strategy" is that if the market opens not within one of the suggested forecasts, then a day of trading would be wasted. If this happens for several days, it would mean more days would be wasted. So it is suggested that a person should have multiple of strategies so that if one strategy does not work, he still has other methodologies to follow.


As for today and a few days next week, I am going for a short days off for my Hari Raya, so I would rather feel not to do any forecast for today. Further more I could see that lately the volatility of the market has not been very encouraging.

Have a nice trading day guys.....

Selamat Hari Raya



CPO Trader said...


you are not running out of luck. This is part and parcel of your trading plans. So, you realized why is it so, right? Besides, you are sideways; so, no defeat along the way; and as such, no bad luck along the way too...... cheers!

Nick Sani said...

Cpo Trader,

Thanks, Mike.