Friday, August 7, 2009

CPO : Soy Bean Down

The CPO ( Crude Palm Oil ) futures for October contract open at 2300 and closed at 2325 yesterday. The highest was at 2345 and the lowest was at 2275. The market ended lower with a white bar.

Having open at 2300, the market immediately moved up to 2308 and then fell to 2275, the lowest of the day, before moving up again to settle at 2293 before lunch break. In the afternoon, the market kept climbing up to 2345, the highest of the day, before finally closed at 2325.

If you look at my forecast yesterday, see # 3, after the market open, it moved up a bit ( 8 points ) and then fell to 25 points after the opening to the lowest of the day. If , say, you had placed a sell position at 2294, you would probably have been able to make profits between 10 to 19 points. As in a day trading, the moment you see some profits, it is better for you to lock them up before the market goes against you because if you decide to prolong, you may not end up to what you may expect it to be.


As for today, I'd like to take a rest from doing any forecasting....yabadabadooo..

Have a nice day and enjoy your trading, guys.....


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