Thursday, June 4, 2009

CPO Futures - Back To Normality?

The CPO ( crude palm oil ) futures for August contract open at 2601 and closed at 2575. The highest was at 2606 and the lowest at 2565. The market closed lower and was a black bar.

The market open within one of the suggested forcasts but the direction did not move accordingly ( see #3 - Sell after the market has moved up 6 points from opening level i.e. at 2607 but the market only managed to go up to 2606 , highest of the day ), so again, no gain and no loss.

Since school holidays are still around, I decided not to be around for awhile. My family and I are planning to go to some parts of Indonesia which may include Medan and Padang for a vacation.

P/s This morning, I made a mistake in my earlier posting, prior to this one and so I have already deleted it. Sorry....

Have a nice trading days ahead, guys.....

Lake Toba



CPO Trader said...


Happy holiday...... The best part being a full-timer trader is that you can fully control your time especially those leisure time...... so, enjoy your holiday and looking forward for your posting once you are back!


Nick Sani said...


Thanks bro. Have a nice trading moments

james said...


FCPO looks consolidates at the moment. So, enjoy your vacation!

Nick Sani said...


Thanks again, enjoy your trading