Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Right Time To Long In CPO Futures?

Wednesday - 4th February 2009
8.30 a.m. - Malaysian Time

Due to some technical problems with my computer especially after lunch, I was not able to give you the precise market performance on yesterday's CPO futures market. From what I know is that the market open at 1762 and closed at 1788.

The market open at 1762 and within minutes the market fell to the lowest of the morning session at 1741 and then moved up to 1774 before settling at 1762 again before lunch. If you look carefully at the market movement yesterday, the fast fall to 1741 could also indicate a false alarm ( sorry , no graph at this time ), anyway the market started to move up to a certain level ( ? ) and linggered there for quite a time. This showed that the fall was not really a false alarm. So, had you put a buy here - roughly at 1755 ( see # 1 on yesterday's forecast - 7 points below the opening hour ) you could have made some profits just before lunch break.

So, have a nice trading day, guys

P/s. What about the Israelis ? .......yak .....%$#^#@!

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