Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Malaysian Government Stand On Israel's Aggression

Tuesday - 13th January 2009
9.45 a.m. - Malaysian Time

The CPO ( Crude Palm Oil) futures for March's contract open at 1959 and closed at 1988. The highest was at 1998 and the lowest was at 1935.

The market open within the forecasted level ( see #2) except that the fall was not a 'bit', instead the fall, after the market open, was 24 points below the opening level ( see chart as enclosed - not to the scale, off course ). The market only 'moved up passing 5 points above the opening level' at 10.59 a.m. about an hour after opening.

If you ask me, frankly speaking, I do not know what to say ;
Firstly, the market did move according to the forecast but the movement was a little bit late ( only after an hour after opening hour ) and not 'after opening '.
Secondly, the fall was not a 'bit'.
Thirdly, the fall was quite steep and was in a very fast movement but the market linggered between 1963 to 1954 for quite a time before shooting up to the highest of the day at 1998.

It was more of your choice!!!!

Have a nice trading day.


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