Monday, April 14, 2008


Monday - 14 April 2008
10.15 p.m. - Malaysian time

Today the market open at 3453 and closed at 3595. The highest was at 3595 and the lowest was at 3428.

If you look at my forecast ( #1) this morning, I mentioned to put a sell after the market had gone up 12 points after opening. The market did go up 20 points after opening. Those who had put a sell here ( at 3465 - 12 points after opening ) should have made quite a good profits.The market then fell to the level 3428, the lowest of the day. I also mentioned that if the market managed to beat the level 3505 ( see #1 ) and above, the market may go up further and a white bar could be formed today. The market beat the level 3505 and a white bar was formed today. Any way, I did not expect the market to go up that very high. Those who had put a buy position at this level should have made a very very lucrative profits. Even if you decided to exit the market at an early stage could also make some profits. There was no clear pattern of trendlines which could be recognised today, except at 4.30 p.m., as the market kept moving upwards and closed the highest of the day.


Due to some reasons, I am not able to do any forecasting for this week. I will still be at my computer tomorrow and the days after except that I think I just like to take a break from doing any forecasting on this blog for a while.

Happy trading!!!!!!

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