Saturday, January 26, 2008

Getting Started

Saturday - 26 Jan 2008

Once you have decided to invest your own hard-earned money into a futures market, your next course of action is to open up an account. In Malaysia, opening an account is relatively easy and not that troublesome. In fact the profits which you acquire from futures or stock tradings are tax-free and not subjected to any government tax. This is done primarily as to encourage foreign investment in Malaysia.

There are a number of futures brokerage firms in Malaysia and majority of them operate in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia. All you have to do is to pay a visit to a brokage firm of your choice and deposit a sum of money. The amount of deposit depends on the requiremet by the firm and it varies from each other. Basically, the minimum amount deposited is around RM5000 and you are allowed to trade immediately. If you happen to make a loss, then you are allowed to trade until your money decreases to a minimum of RM2000. That would mean you are only allowed to trade for RM3000.Before choosing the right brokerage firm, it is suggested that you choose the brokerage firm which entitles you to access to its website whereby viewing of the real time price fluctuation of the contracts are available. Currently, there are two brokerage firms which provide this facility and the service is free for the account holder. Besides that, you could also subscribe to an investment company which provides a real time quote prices for a small fee.
Once an account is open, you could start immediately right from your home. All you have to do is to view the prices of the contracts, say CPO April contract, on your computer and when you decide to open a position either to buy or sell, you could simply give a call to your broker and place your position. If you decide to close your position, again you could call your broker and state your position. If you make profits and you intend to withdraw them or a portion of it, you can instruct your broker to do so and your money would be deposited in the bank of your choice on the next very day. Currently there are a number of foreign banks which have their operation in Malaysia such as Bank of America, Citi Bank, Standard Chartered and Hong Kong Shanghai Bank. This is a good business/investment opportunity for almost everybody and if you have a lap top or note book, you can trade almost anywhere in the world!

This form of business opportunity does not require you to have a proper office, save money on your petrol, no need to go through conggested traffic jam and etc....Most importantly, you do not have to have any physical products to sell and there are always ready buyers and sellers out there.

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